LIONCEAU - It's in the lyrics.
LIONCEAU - It's in the lyrics.


It's in the lyrics.

LIONCEAU, the little lion, born between Generation X und Generation Y and still at home in the melting pot of the Ruhr Region in Germany, produces a fine mixture of folk-rock-indie-music. Here he publishes the sountrack of his life and he invites you to join him.


On his debut-album "Noble Earth" he melts warm acoustic instruments with dynamic beats and synthesizers in complex song structures.


LIONCEAU combines driving beats with folky guitars and refines the result with electronic sounds. Wistful sounds of the melodica make memories of beach, sea and ships pop up and lead to exciting, sometimes sinister, sometimes colourful landscapes of sound - romantic, not kitschy, energetic, not stupid.

All 10 songs are written and composed by LIONCEAU and he as well played most of the instruments by himself, supported by producer, guitarist and sound engineer Marius André.


"Noble Earth" is a kind of diary: Beginning the creative process with  examinations of his inner self, with sketches, vivid and cinematic ideas he finally opened the songs to the outside and became increasingly contemporary and political:

The title song "Noble Earth” - giving name to the album - deals with finding someone or something important in a completely unexpected place. "Bona Fide" was written when the first large numbers of refugees came to Germany.

LIONCEAU describes his sound as a mixture of folk, electro rock/pop with loans from club and house music. All songs may as well be played at home on the piano and the guitar - so it is house music in a double sense.


He passionately loves fusing electronic and acoustic instruments. In many songs the sound of the melodica supplies the finishing touch: For quite some time Lionceau was searching for a special sound rounding off the production when he finally listened to a band of street musicians of which one was playing the melodica and he realized: This strange sound perfectly fits with my songs as a bridge between the acoustic and the electro style. "


"Noble Earth" is available on iTunes, Amazon, Musicload etc. for download and is published in self distribution  on Rockwerk Records.




Photos by Marius André



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